Our History

In 2010, the genesis of Corsair Merchant Partners Universe was formed on the confluence of three banking, natural resources and energy professionals:  Garry Brown, Founder and Managing Partner of Brown Capital Partners;  Laird Thomas, Founder and Managing Director of LTL Energy;  and  Amon Capps of Founder & President of  International Energy Corporation, Ltd.

With the addition of Mark Hayden (manufacturing & technology) and Eric Williams (project management & infrastructure), the group began to conceptualize and strategize on how to optimize our collective skills, knowledge and extensive relationships in the manufacturing, energy, natural resources, and technology industry sectors.  With a heavy focus on energy, we worked together for a few years advising on oil & gas transactions, clean coal deals, global power plant projects and & technology opportunities.

Upon the untimely passing of Mr. Capps,  we began the process of forming a global banking and financial advisory entity that would be dedicated to a more active role in establishing and helping companies develop in the industries where we can offer considerable value: Manufacturing, Energy, Natural Resources and Technology (i.e. M.E.N.T).  In 2014, given favorable macro industry trends and growing business advisory opportunities, we established Corsair Merchant Partners;  a global boutique merchant banking and energy products advisory firm.

Over the last four years, we have been fully committed to developing our in-house merchant banking funds and expanding our core group of highly-skilled and experienced professionals. For example:  Managing Director Frank Green is a key leader in our corporate finance advisory effort. He provides valuable Private Placement, Capital and Strategic Advisory services.  We look forward to serving all of our global clients and the communities where they operate.