CMPG Value-Driven Client Services

Corsair Merchant Partners Group (“CMPG”) is well positioned to becoming a recognized and emerging leader in providing value-driven advisory services to military bases forced to comply with the Base Realignment and Closure program initiatives.  We will draw upon our considerable collective knowledge and experience [seeReese AFB: A Blueprint For Success”] to navigate the myriad of encumbering military, local government, economic, environmental, regulatory and labor related compliance issues and policy objectives. 

Our Value-Driven B.R.A.C. Client Advisory Services are organized in the following activities:

Assess Base Assets, Redevelopment Prospects, Political & Economic Environment

Documentation Analysis
Documentation Analysis, Due Diligence of Military Compliance & Procedures

Review Operating Plan
Review, Modify & Support Client’s Redevelopment Operating Plan & Objectives

Review Management
Evaluate Client Management Team & local business partnership prospects / opportunities

Advise client re communications with B.R.A.C. officials, Department of Defense, etc.

Post Advisory
Provide post-redevelopment advisory services & establish sustainable strategic relationships 

Our CMPG advisory team understands the dedication to the high level of attention this granular and lengthy redevelopment process requires. We draw upon our history of success and experience to appreciate the attention to the level of detail essential to enhance success and to expedite a lengthy process.  The value-driven advisory services are all-encompassing and often interrelated.  For example, our team include the following activities:

  1. Review your B.R.A.C. report and other key material to develop a formal comprehensive response to B.R.A.C. and to your community after meetings and reviews with local city / town leadership to educate them on the process and help manage their expectations.
  2. Assist in the development of a Master Operating Plan for re-development to encourage and generate further support for the new “vision” for the future of the base property, local community and all stakeholders.
  3. Evaluate all property assets (tangible & intangible elements) including facilities, equipment, infrastructure, land values and local workforce, etc. with regard to new practical & feasible development opportunities.
  4. Explore the option of a leasing program / strategy for the refurbished existing facilities and property to outside companies to generate revenue stream(s) & cash flow.
  5. Develop incentive packages to attract new businesses, jobs, generate economic growth and establish stability from private sector and/or local government via strategic alliances / partnerships.

CMPG has the capacity to assign a well-trained professional team to your project location led by Eric Williams, to implement the following services as required by your project:

  • To establish & oversee training programs for city / town staff to assume daily management of operation, maintenance, utilities, leasing, redevelopment programs and BRAC reporting requirements.
  • To advise and oversee any and all environmental / remediation issues that may be present, now or discovered in the future.
  • Oversee the development & management of new lease and sales contracts, legal documents and reporting procedures. Ensure such necessary activities are carried out in a manner that conforms to military protocol and standard practice.
  • Review and assist in development of financial plans & models. Identify potential insurance and liability issues. Establish monthly operating budget analysis & reporting process / system.
  • Advise & oversee the development of an organized master file system, data base and documentation system, i.e., establish a current MIS.
  • Develop board agenda formats, executive reports and news media formats for various media groups / outlets.  Advise on media strategy, per local business & govt. partners.
  • Advise and analyze “going concern” prospects of redevelopment entity. Focus on ability to generate sufficient cash and control operating costs while maintaining long-term ability to support CAPX requirements & workforce recruiting & training.
  • Advise on the development of job descriptions for entire staff of LRA (Local Redevelopment Authority). This is critical to ensure proper management / governance accountability. The B.R.A.C. redevelopment business model is unconventional and demands greater management understanding of principles, roles, decision making and execution.
  • As a technical and operating matter, the CMPG advisor team needs direct access to base infrastructure to properly evaluate the existing utility systems, rate structure, etc.
  • Our CMPG advisor team can establish on site a unique “On-Call” service for any and all questions raised to provide real-time GUIDANCE THROUGOUT THE B.R.A.C. PROCESS.

Note:  CMPG will proffer advisor retainer terms & conditions, upon evaluation of project scale, duration and complexity.