AMON W. CAPPS, Honorary CMP Chairman Emeritus – In Memoriam

Mr. Capps was the Founder & President of International Energy Corporation, Ltd; a BVI chartered corporation focused on large international industrial economic development projects for countries and companies seeking to develop or expand their existing hydrocarbon potential.  Mr. Capps was previously President of Omega Oil, Ltd., also a BVI chartered corporation organized for the purpose of operating a 35,000 barrels per day processing refinery in Italy.  Mr. Capps had developed extensive global relationships in the oil, gas and electric power industry. His project origination activity extended over 32 years, mostly in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. He had a working knowledge of 5 foreign languages and has worked in 35 different countries. As a key advisor and technical consultant, Mr. Capps played a critical role in the genesis of Corsair Merchant Partners, just prior to his untimely passing in 2011. We honor his friendship, professional standing in the industry and his commitment to securing the critical energy needs the USA has required in the past – and will continue to require in the foreseeable future.