B.R.A.C. Value Driven Measures

Corsair Merchant Partners Group (CMPG) is uniquely qualified to advise, manage & oversee base redevelopment, organizational consolidation & streamlining (“realignment”) projects.  A key success factor for CMPG is our B.R.A.C. operations leadership team.   CMPG Managing Partner Eric Williams heads our B.R.A.C. project management unit (see “Our Team bio section). To date, Mr. Williams is the only professional manager who has successfully completed in full a B.R.A.C. project (i.e., Reese Air Force Base).  CMPG offers compelling and successful value driven measures and solutions to the B.R.A.C. process.  Consider the Reese Air Force Base.

Established in 1941, the Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, TX was a 2,500 acre air force base that trained over 25,000 of the best military pilots over a 50 year period. In 1995, Reese AFB was listed on the base closure list as part the B.R.A.C. initiative. The Lubbock Reese Redevelopment Authority (L.R.R.A.”) comprised of local government and business leaders were formed to take control of the base property with the goal of economic development and job creation. Hence, the effort to successfully convert the Reese Air Force Base into the Reese Technology Center (“RTC”) was undertaken.

Leading the successful conversion for Reese AFB was Mr. Eric Williams.  In 1997 Mr. Williams was hired by the L.R.R.A as Executive Director of RTC (his first order of business was to change the Reese AFB name to Reese Technology Center).  To date, according to B.R.A.C. officials and the U.S. Air Force, Reese is the only military base that has successfully completed the entire B.R.A.C. process and continues to be recognized as the most rapid and successful redevelopment of a closed military base in history.  As Executive Director, below is a list of just a few of the measures Mr. Williams initiated, implemented & managed:

  • A very extensive and detailed condition assessment of the entire Reese AFB property, inventory and building condition was performed by qualified personnel.
  • Completed review and inspection of all runways, tarmac lighting systems, air space requirements; and developed a long term maintenance and repair plan for the existing runway network. Also reviewed leasing potential leasing and other potentially new economic redevelopment opportunities.
  • Authored a formal Grant Request / Proposal to design and install a new Fiber Optic network of 2.5 miles with single and multi-mode fiber optic to enhance the existing Data Center and purchase the required servers, emergency power and network contracts to encourage new development of technology and job creation.
  • Used creative incentives to attract new tenants with new job creation and business development. Developed creative lease terms & conditions to incentivize and attract new tenants and revenue.
  • Developed articulated and shared artistic & pragmatic vision of the future long term development potential of the RTC Campus; thus establishing a viability and direction in regard to the plan development process & effort.
  • To help complete the redevelopment effort, Mr. Williams (who is also a licensed Architect), created a visual 3 dimensional colored rendering to display the future vision of Reese.
  • Executive Director Williams made hundreds of presentation to public and service organizations to promote the RTC and to establish & enhance relationships with B.R.A.C., Air Force and Pentagon officials with in-person meetings and provided monthly updates on the RTC redevelopment progress. In total, Mr. Williams has made multiple trips to meet in person with Air Force and B.R.A.C. officials as well as the critically important Office of Economic Adjustment (“OEA”).