Merchant Banking

Corsair Merchant Partners (“CMP”) is a private merchant banking firm engaged in the activity of making direct controlling investments in selective privately-owned companies or projects on a global basis representing the Manufacturing, Energy, Natural Resources and Technology (i.e. “M.E.N.T”) industry sectors.   In addition, CMP is also engaged in the activity of sourcing & securing a variety of energy fuel products (i.e., JP 54, D2, etc.) for our growing global client base [see “Global Oil & Gas Products” under Our Business section].

CMP will make direct equity investments in and provide debt capital to companies and/or projects.  We seek controlling equity interests and we may potentially provide senior debt financing as well.   As a non-bank lender, we will be dedicated to providing debt financing to optimize the financial capability & flexibility, and to enhance the capital structure of our qualifying companies & project opportunities.

CMP is currently in the process of establishing an in-house global Merchant Banking Fund; and a Project Finance Fund committed to the Manufacturing, Energy, Natural Resources and Technology (M.E.N.T.) industry sectors.  We will manage these funds with a strong preference for targets that share our Triple Sustainability mission: businesses/projects that seek to measure, document, and report a positive ROI on all three bottom lines: economic, environmental and social. Infrastructure projects: transportation, water, electricity, etc. are a strong focus. In addition to North America,  our international focus will be South America, Asia and Europe. 

Corsair Merchant Partners is not a United States Securities Dealer, Broker or U.S. Investment Advisor. Corsair business activities involve direct investment for our own purposes and advisory/consulting services on behalf of our clients. We are not engaged in any proprietary trading of securities or underwriting of any securities; in any form or manner.